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“A green world without nuclear, coal, gas or oil dependency and with CO2 reduction is achievable through sustainable products.

We shape the future for our children and contribute to improving the world.”



Global Player for lithium-ion battery system solutions

As a system provider and specialist in intelligent battery solutions, BMZ GmbH is the European leader in the fast-growing lithium-ion battery market and an internationally important player on the world market. The custom-developed and produced high-tech products are used worldwide in a wide range of applications, including: a. installed in energy storage systems. BMZ is a company that promotes the promotion of alternative energies through the sustainable development of innovative products. We produce innovative and high-quality products.

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For the sake of the environment & our children

Your mail comes digital now. Good for the environment - good for you!
For the BMZ Group, sustainability means acting in such a way that future generations will also find conditions worth living in.
We are not only concerned with the health of children, but also with the health of the planet on which they will live in the future. This includes making a conscious use of paper as a resource. That is why we are successively converting our mailings to a modern and resource-saving form. In future, you will receive all correspondence with us (orders, invoices, delivery notes, etc.) in electronic form by e-mail.
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03. - 05.05.2022

The Battery Experts Forum is the largest conference and fair for battery technology. The main topics are energy storage and emobility. The event takes place annually at the fair in Frankfurt am Main.

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Our customers can rely on tested quality "Made in Germany". Thus BMZ underlines the immense importance of this technology sector especially for Germany as an industrial location. With the modular expansion concept, BMZ can react faster and more flexibly to future changes in the European market. A fact of which we are very proud.
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In the long term, BMZ wants to take a leading international position in the future market of mobile energy supply. As a German company, BMZ has good prerequisites for this: production processes are optimised with innovative product ideas and system know-how.
The BMZ Group builds a large part of its innovative battery systems on a modular basis, thereby achieving maximum flexibility. In spite of the development of a new battery for a project, existing technologies of the module are used and the experience gained with the tried and tested technology is used. A battery module with an identical design can also be used in storage systems.
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BMZ continuously implements optimization potential through innovations

BMZ battery packs are subject to a permanent optimisation process. Technical analyses of already developed battery packs are carried out in order to use improved or new technologies with higher capacity and performance.

Our highly innovative energy storage systems (ESS) make solar power users independent of energy prices and able to use solar energy they collect at the time they need it. Our intelligent, modular lithium-ion energy storage units save the photovoltaic energy you collect so it is at your disposal during night time or when there is low solar radiation. While the sun is shining an inverter allows you to choose between charging up your storage unit or enables your solar power to be fed into the power grid.

BMZ‘s ESS enables you to become more independent from your electric power supplier since you can use your own electricity 24 hours a day. You can reduce your electricity bill by using solar power stored in your ESS instead of drawing power from the grid. The next time your electric company raises the energy price you can relax.

In order to generate as much green electricity as possible, BMZ GmbH has been working for many years with the European Recycling Platform to secure important values for the future. Recycling means saving valuable raw materials and energy, securing a green environment and thus an improved quality of life. In the end, our environment always benefits from this.
  • Green electricity
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Economical and cost-cutting
  • Improved quality of life
  • recyclability
BMZ stands for high-quality and innovative products. However, top-quality products alone are not enough to satisfy the customer over the entire service life of his product. We therefore offer competent and friendly service over the entire service life of the product.