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BMZ Energy Storage Systems

Maximum performance for your independence

BMZ Energy Storage Systems Product flyer.
Learn more about the new trends and developments in the energy storage sector.

The BMZ ESS enables you to become more independent from your electric power supplier since you can use your solar power 24 hours a day and reduce your electricity consumption by using your own electricity. This lowers your electricity bill and you can look forward to electricity price increases more relaxed.

Your Benefits:

• Reducing energy costs
• Lifetime up to 20 years
• Environmentally friendly technology
• Emergency power supply in case of power outage

Your advantages at a glance:

• Optimal self-consumption during day & night
• Independence from solar radiation and public grid
• Economic, cost-cutting and ecofriendly
• Lightweight, safe and space saving
• Modular installation
• KfW promotion

The BMZ product flyer is available as pdf and you can also print out the pages yourself at any time.
Enjoy reading!