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NEW! High-voltage system Hyperion

NEW! high-voltage system Hyperion

Made in Germany

The BMZ Group, Europe's leading manufacturer of lithium-ion battery systems, launches the innovative Hyperion high-voltage storage system Hyperion on the market.
The new innovative Hyperion high-voltage storage system is modular in design and allows easy and reliable installation as well as future expansion of the storage system if higher energy volumes become necessary. The "Made in Germany" product can be equipped with a minimum of three and a maximum of six helios modules with a total capacity of up to 18 kWh. High quality lithium-ion battery cells are built into the Hyperion. The safe design and the robust construction follow the proven BMZ quality of the previous storage families. The emergency power storage reduces overall system costs and increases system efficiency. This is a genuine high-voltage memory; a hidden DC/DC converter is thus saved. The Hyperion is compatible with SMA's Sunny Boy Storage inverters.
  • Product Novelty Article No. 41871
  • Made in Germany
  • Modular and Extendable
  • Robust and Safe
  • Emergency Power
  • Easy installation
From now on you can inquire the NEW BMZ high-voltage system "Hyperion" online in advance and reserve it. Available from beginning of July 2020. You will receive notification from us immediatlely when the Hyperion is available. For further information about the new high-voltage system "Hyperion", please send us an e-mail:




The Hyperion high-voltage memory is compatible with the following inverters:
  • Sunny Boy Storage from SMA

Made in Germany

Intelligent power battery extension for the new high-voltage storage Hyperion, which consists of a module with a total capacity of 3 kWh. Simple and reliable installation as well as future expansion of the memory. Of course "Made in Germany". The Helios module is ready for connection for multiple connections, convinces with a long service life, is very light and compact. Available from beginning of July 2020.
  • Product-Novelty Article No. 37453-10
  • Higher energy
  • Faster charging
  • Lightweight
  • Environmentally friendly
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