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Sustainability @ BMZ - Shaping a better world for the future of our children


Responsible use of resources

Your mail comes digital now. Good for the environment - good for you!
For the BMZ Group, sustainability means acting in such a way that future generations will also find conditions worth living in. We are not only concerned with the health of children, but also with the health of the planet on which they will live in the future. This includes making a conscious use of paper as a resource. That is why we are successively converting our mailings to a modern and resource-saving form. In future, you will receive all correspondence with us (orders, invoices, delivery notes, etc.) in electronic form by e-mail. Sustainability @ BMZ - Shaping a better world for the future of our children.


Always one step ahead

In order to generate as much green electricity as possible, BMZ GmbH has been working for many years with the European Recycling Platform to secure important values for the future. Recycling means saving valuable raw materials and energy, securing a green environment and thus an improved quality of life. In the end, our environment always benefits from this.
  • Green electricity
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Economical and cost-cutting
  • Improved quality of life
  • recyclability

Making production processes more energy efficient

The BMZ Group builds a large part of its innovative battery systems on a modular basis, thereby archieving maximum flexibility. Automating the production of lithium-ion-batteries paves the way for more productivity, greater process reliability and cost optimization. We are always striving to make both the production process and our production facilities more energy-efficient.
service center

With its after-sales service, BMZ stands for maximum sustainability

However, good products alone are not enough to satisfy the customer over the entire service life of his product. That is why we offer competent and friendly service along the entire value chain. In our fully equipped service centre, we employ only highly trained technicians and specialists with many years of experience in this repair segment. The spare parts used are without exception original components, which are carefully checked again before installation.

BMZ Group - Award winners 2018

The BMZ Group, headquartered in Karlstein am Main, is the winner of the IKOM Award Future Employer 2018 in the category "Over 1,500 employees". We were honoured and awarded as a so-called "future employer" due to our commitment to the business location, entrepreneurial continuity, value orientation and sustainability as well as good entry and development opportunities for young professionals. We always pursue a "green world, without nuclear power, coal, gas, oil, independence through energy storage and through electric mobility". By developing innovative products, we promote sustainable development and alternative energies.

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