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Delios DLS-600

Powerful PV-Inverter, Max. DC power 6,3 kW 

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The perfect solution for medium and large houses. Powerful and cost-effective PV inverter designed for indoor operation. Ideal for use in conjunction with photovoltaic systems to optimise private consumption. The excess energy from the photovoltaic system is stored in the battery and used as required. If more solar power is available than is needed, the storage tanks are charged. If the demand is higher, it is covered by the electricity from the batteries. Compatible with the BMZ energy storage systems ESS 7.0, ESS 9.0 and ESS X. Further information on the PV inverter can be found in our download area.

Item No. 36675

  • Clean energy
  • Uninterruptible power supply
  • Automatic full backup function
  • More independence
  • Considerable savings
  • USB Software Update
  • Perfect solution for medium and large houses
  • Max. DC power: 6.3 kW 
  • Max. Input voltage: 600 V 
  • Min. Input voltage 115 V
  • Max. Efficiency 97%
  • AC Rated power: 6 kVA
  • Dimensions (H/B/T) 650x710x150 mm
  • Weight: 25 kg
efficiency 97%
Width 710 mm
depth 150 mm
height 650 mm
Weight 25 kg
Max. DC power 6.3 kW
Max. DC voltage 600 V
Min. DC voltage 115 V
Nominal AC power 6 kVA

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