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NEW! High-voltage system Hyperion


Helios Power-Battery Module

Capacity 58 Ah, energy content 3,00 kWh, nominal voltage 51,8V

Delivery time: early Summer 2021

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Intelligent power battery extension for the new high-voltage storage Hyperion, which consists of a module with a total capacity of 3 kWh. Simple and reliable installation as well as future expansion of the memory. Of course "Made in Germany". The Helios module is ready for connection for multiple connections, convinces with a long service life, is very light and compact. Further information about the Helios battery module, see data sheet in the download area.

Item No. 607182

Important when ordering: At minimum 3 helios modules must be ordered for the Hyperion high-voltage system!

Features And Benefits:

  • Higher energy
  • More power
  • Higher performance
  • Superior life
  • Lightweight
  • Faster charging
  • Very low self discharge
  • NO maintenance cost, NO water requirements,
  • NO poisonous /explosive exhaust fumes
  • Safety: BMS, CID, safety vent
  • Maintenance free
  • Superior life time
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Short circuit protection
  • Overcharge protection
  • Overdischarge protection
  • Temperature control
  • Cell balancing (passive)
  • 2nd protection (SCP)
  • CAN-Bus


  • Battery extension for high-voltage memory Hyperion
  • Made in Germany
  • 1x Helios battery module 
Energy (nom.) 3 kWh
Energy (usable) 2,5 kWh
Full Cycles 4000
Capacity (nom) 62,7 Ah
Width 546,1 mm
depth 155,25 mm
height 216,8 mm
Weight 22 kg
Max. disharge power 300A (3 sec)

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