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FAQ´s BMZ Energy Storage & Online-Shop

Welcome to our FAQ area. Here you will find relevant information and support for our products.
We always try to offer you the best possible service. For this reason, our FAQ area is continuously being expanded and further developed.

1. Which inverters are the BMZ ESS 7.0/9.0/X energy storage systems compatible with?

Answer: ESS 7.0/9.0/X are compatible with the following inverters:
- SMA Solar: Sunny Island 3.0M/4.4M/6.0H/8.0H
- Victron Energy: Multiplus, Multigrid, Quattro, Easysolar ( 48V)
- Delios: DLS 600/DLS 450/DLS300/DLS C

2. May I extend or shorten the cables of the BMZ ESS 7.0/9.0/X energy storage devices?

Answer: No. ESS 7.0/9.0/X comes with 2m DC connection cables. These cables must not be changed. If several energy storage devices or several inverters are connected in parallel, a bat-breaker box must be used (see operating instructions).

3. Why isn’t the entire nominal capacity of the energy storage of BMZ ESS 7.0/9.0/X usable for the operator?

Answer: BMZ has installed capacity reserves to protect the battery from overvoltage and undervoltage and to ensure the long life of the battery system. This is a quality feature of the BMZ energy storage devices.

4. How often can I charge/discharge the ESS system? How many charging cycles does BMZ guarantee? What is the product’s lifetime?

Answer: BMZ guarantees 5000 charging/discharging cycles and a product lifetime of up to 20 years. Partial cycles are added up to full cycles.

5. How does BMZ’s ESS differ from competitors’ devices?

Answer: It is one of the most powerful battery systems on the market which can be flexibly expanded.

6. Are there subsidies that I can apply for? Where do I apply?

Answer: Yes. Ask your banking institution about KfW-Programme 275 subsidies for energy storage systems.

7. Which warranties does BMZ provide?

Answer: You receive 2 years legal warranty on your storage system and a 10 year market value replacement warranty on cycle stability (5000) and guaranteed residual capacity of at least 60%.

8. What is the power output and capacity of BMZ’s ESS storage systems?

Answer: Each module is capable of 16kWh. Up to 12 modules can be clustered for a total output of 102kWh.

9. How much do I pay for a one stored kWh in relation to my purchase price?

Answer: One stored kWh is less than 25 cents.

10. Can I extend my battery capacity even after years?

Answer: BMZ recommends to expand within one year.

11. Can the system be used as stand-alone and/or a back-up (emergency power system)?

Answer: Yes, with the respective converter.

12. Is the ESS system suitable for both, new and existing systems?

Answer: The system can be integrated into both, existing and new installations.

13. How complex is the installation?

Answer: Depending on the system version, installation will take only a few hours (DC/AC).

14. What happens to the battery at the end of use?

Answer: The battery needs to be recycled.

15. Is the ESS battery technology safe?

Answer: BMZ ESS systems are protected by multiple safety levels for maximum safety.

16. Is the ESS battery system "smart home ready"?

Answer: Yes, the system is ready and offers all possibilities via CAN-communication.

17. What happens in case of a complaint or service case?

Answer: BMZ will assist you with its own service network. Central Service is one of Europe's largest service centers for battery systems. If you have any questions about our service or a complaint, you can contact us any time via e-mail:

18. When will the new high-voltage system "Hyperion" be available?
Answer: The new BMZ high-voltage system "Hyperion" will be available beginning of April 2020. However, you can reserve the Hyperion with us in advance. As soon as the Hyperion is available, we will notify you immediately. For further information about the new high-voltage system "Hyperion" please send us an e-mail:
19. When will the new module "Helios" be available?
Answer: The new module "Helios" will be available from beginning of April 2020. However, you can reserve the module with us in advance. As soon as the Helios module is available, you will receive an immediate notification from us.
20. What advantages does the BMZ B2B online shop offer?
Answer: In our B2B online shop you can order the above product range at any time.
In our product overview you will find ultra-modern energy storage systems "Made in Germany", compact battery fuses, the BMZ communication kit and accessories including all the relevant technical data and recommendations for suitable components for your best price-performance ratio. Order around the clock!
21. Who can order from the BMZ B2B online shop?
Answer: In our B2B online shop, commercial customers can order the above product range. To register as a dealer, you need a trade licence and, for companies abroad, a valid VAT ID.
22. Can I send the order to another delivery address?
Answer: This is no problem in our B2B online shop. In the ordering process you have the possibility to specify a different delivery address.
23. What are the shipping costs?
Answer: The amount of shipping costs can vary depending on the order for dangerous goods and are calculated on the basis of the number of pallets. Per pallet within Germany 49,95€ and shipping international (EU) 99,95€. Possible disposal costs are not included in the price and will be invoiced separately.
24. Is there a minimum order value in the B2B-Onlineshop?
Answer: No, we do not have a minimum order value for our products.
25. What are the possibilities to place an order?
Answer: Order in the shop 365 days 24 h:
Order by mail 365 days 24 h:
26. What does the offer and pricing look like in the shop?
Answer: Our offer is intended for commercial customers. Our customers from the trade get after successful registration the net prices plus the legal value added tax indicated. The prices understand themselves excl. forwarding expenses and possible resulting disposal costs.
27. Can I also contact BMZ personally?
Answer: You are very welcome to do so. Should your questions not be answered here in our FAQ section, please either use our contact form in the B2B shop or call us Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 16:00 on 06188 9956-0.
For technical questions, please use our contact form in the shop.
28. Where can I get software Update´s or current drivers for the energy stores?
Answer: With the ESS service tool developed by BMZ, you as a dealer can install the latest company software versions, obtain current drivers, technical data sheets and much more. All information about the ESS Service Tool and how to register is available here:
+49 (0) 06188 9956-9830
29. What exactly is an inverter?
Answer: The inverter converts the direct current generated in the photovoltaic cells into grid-compliant alternating current. Either for own consumption or for feeding into the public grid. In our shop we offer you the high-quality inverters from our partner "Delios". Further information about our inverters can be found in our shop: Products - Inverters.
30. How can I register in the B2B shop?
In our B2B-Onlineshop commercial customers can order the mentioned product range. To register as a dealer, you need a trade licence and, for companies abroad, a valid sales tax ID (VAT). For this you fill out completely the new customer application and you receive within shortest time, a feedback with the necessary information for the activation for the B2B-Onlineshop. You can register under the following link: